Pre-Registration Island Cup – Event


Note: There is no start from the grid. You will start from Pit Lane, one by one and with a fixed time lapse from one car to another. Team’s starting order will be based on the chronological order of the pre-registrations entries.

Before filing the following form you will have to make a bank transfer to the following bank coordinates, then save the receipt’s copy in order to attach it to the document.

Moreover, remember that the pre-registration will be later confirmed on the Team Leader’s email and only after a successful bank transfer.

  • Bank Account Header : Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica Rabbit Beach
  • IBAN: IT22H0577282960CC0100036416
  • Bank Reference: Pre-Registration (Team Name) “Island Cup – Event 23/07/2023”
  • Price: 100€

In order to participate, 2 pilots or more are mandatory. Please specify your team pilots’ number in the form. Take note that you can always add pilots later.

By subscribing and filing this form, the Team Leader declares that: is aware that the a.s.d. Rabbit Beach, in case your team decide to opt out from participation, will not refund in any amount the pre-registration fees.

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Ticket Event - Lapstar Trophy

1. Inserisci il nome, email e l’ID del Playstation Network

2. Clicca su “Acquista Ticket” e sarai indirizzato alla pagina di pagamento su PayPal