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You participate in teams, each consisting of at least 2 drivers driving the same car. 



Any car is allowed, as long as it is not a prototype or formula type. Cars with LPG or methane systems are excluded. Any technical modification is allowed (tuning, lightening, etc.), as long as it does not compromise the safety of the car itself and of the other participants.


The car must be intact in its constituent parts (removal of bonnet, doors, boot lid, windscreen/rear window, front and rear windows etc. Modifications that reinforce the front bumper are prohibited. Only in the case of cabriolet/spider cars (which are such from manufacture), roll bars and a closed roof are compulsory.

The organizers reserve the right to assess and possibly approve any deviations from the above specifications.

Number plates, insurance and vehicle registration are not compulsory. Each team is responsible for the legality of the vehicle. Each team is responsible for its own vehicle in every aspect, in particular from a safety point of view. The organisers will not carry out any checks or tests, either before, during or after the event, to verify the vehicle’s safety.

The tank must be placed in its original position for safety reasons. Any tanks that are the result of processing must be fitted with insulating guards in the vehicle interior.

Front windows must be locked or left movable but compulsorily associated with a retaining net. Non-original windows are permitted (they are clear and secured).

Rear lights must be functional (including stop signs). The use of rear lights that may be disruptive is forbidden (rear fog lights are forbidden, unless specified by the staff in the case of special weather conditions, such as fog or heavy rain).

All types of tyres are permitted with the exception of studded tyres and tyres with an agricultural design. Tyre sizes are at the discretion of the team, always in accordance with safety criteria.

The numbers, given to the team during registration, must be placed on the sides of the car below the front windows (side doors) so that they are clearly visible.

The car must have the team name placed above the race number. This must be clearly visible (sticker, written in paint, etc.).


The car must be equipped with standard seat belts and a driver’s seat (removal of the passenger seat and rear seats is permitted). Multi-point belts, roll cage (mandatory only for convertible/spider cars) and racing driver’s seat (one-piece) are recommended, but not mandatory. Should you decide to keep the front passenger seat (standard or monocoque seat), it must also be fitted with a seat belt (standard or multi-point).

A type-approved fire extinguisher and glass-breaking hammer are mandatory, both of which must be secured in the cockpit in a position accessible to the rider while driving.

The driver must wear a type-approved helmet (jet or full-face)

Anyone riding in the team vehicle (driver or passenger) must be registered (as registration determines the person’s insurance) and wear a helmet and seat belt. A maximum of two people is allowed in the car at the same time.


Cars will be divided into two categories according to engine capacity:

– Category below 1.3* cylinder capacity

– Category above 1.3*.

All teams, despite the different categories indicated, will run in the same and only one classification, which is simply determined by the number of laps completed during the event. In addition to the overall winning team, prizes will be awarded to the best teams in each category.

*Teams in the lower 1.3 category will have bonus laps at the start of the event


To participate at the event, you must register with a team consisting of one car and at least two drivers. Drivers are subjected to a driver’s entry fee, while members of any assistance team are not subjected to an entry fee, unless they are drivers or passengers during the event. Registration is compulsory for any person (driver or passenger) getting into a car during the event.

The starting order of the teams corresponds to the chronological order of their registration.

It is possible to pre-register the team to confirm the starting order. The pre-registration consists of sending a deposit of 100 euros. The remaining registration fee will correspond to the amount due (according to the registration deadline) minus the 100 euro previously paid for pre-registration.

Registration for the RABBIT BEACH hours run involves the payment of a fee for the car and a fee for each individual driver who is a member of the team. The driver’s registration fee includes membership of the Rabbit Beach a.s.d., Opes insurance card, and registration for the event.

Team registrations (1 car + minimum 2 drivers) will be open from 01.03.2023 until 10.07.2023:

– For teams registering by 14.05.2023, the car entry is 300 euro and the entry of each individual driver is 80 euro each.

– For teams registering from 15.05.2023 until 10.07.2023, the car entry will be 350 euros and 80 euros for each driver.

– For late teams registering from 11.07.2023 to 07.07.2023 the car entry will be 400 euro and 80 euro for each driver.

Any drivers wishing to join already registered teams may do so no later than one week before the event (16.07.2023).

The entry fees (cars and drivers) must be paid by bank transfer, according to the terms described above (by 14.05.2023, by 10.07.2023 or by 16.07.2023) to the following coordinates

Rabbit Beach Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica –

IBAN: IT22H0577282960CC0100036416

specifying in the reason for payment the name of the team. The registration of the team will be considered confirmed only upon receipt of the transfer receipt by e-mail ( and upon verification of the crediting of the fee to the a.s.d. bank account.

Each team must send by email (, within the different deadlines described above (by 14.05.2023, by 10.07.2023 or by 16.07.2023), copies of the following documents

– valid identity card (for each driver)

– valid driving licence (for each driver)

– tax identification number/health insurance card (for each driver)

– copy of valid non-competitive medical certificate (for each driver)

– receipt of registration transfer (cars and drivers)

The e-mail must also indicate

– name of the team

– make and model of the entered car (with cylinder capacity)

– list of drivers

At the time of registration (day before the race), each team will be given the number associated with it, to be displayed on the sides of the vehicle (below the front windows).

Each team will be allocated, on the day before the race, in a pit box (subject to rental by the team, not included in the entry fee) or in a delimited area within the paddock (included in the team’s entry fee). The allocated pit box or paddock area will be the only area where the team will be allowed to make pit stops.

The event will start after some initial laps (free practice) in order to check the correct functioning of the transponders. At the end of free practice, the lap counting for each entered team will begin. The lap count of each team will be visible, in real time, on the screens in the dedicated area.

The starting order of the teams corresponds to the chronological order of their registration. At the end of the time allocated to check the functioning of the transponders, the teams will be placed in the pit lane according to the starting order and will start with a time difference, in terms of seconds, from each other (no grid start).

During the 8 hours of practice, each team will be allowed to make, according to its own choice and strategy, when to make “pit stops”, i.e. returns to the pit/paddock for: driver change, tyre change, possible repairs and vehicle maintenance, etc. These operations will only and exclusively be allowed in the pit or paddock area assigned to the team (any such operations carried out elsewhere will result in a penalty or disqualification of the team).

The track layout may provide chicanes (consisting of cones, tyres or similar) to reduce average speeds.


The team may incur penalties in the event of: knocking down the chicanes (cones, tyres or similar); contact (voluntary or involuntary) with other cars; exceeding the track limits; failure to comply with race signs (yellow flag, red flag, etc.); failure to use safety equipment such as approved helmets and seat belts; incorrect or dangerous behaviour.

If the marshals detect a team committing one or more penalties, they signal by means of flags and display the number of the penalised team on a sign. The display of the team number obliges the team to return to the pits at the end of the next lap to serve the assigned penalty. In the event of failure to return to the pits within two laps of the signalling, the organisers reserve the right to eliminate the team.

The penalty consists of re-entering the pit lane and waiting 5 minutes for each penalty assigned; during the penalty stop it is forbidden to carry out any type of intervention on the vehicle or driver change.

Voluntary or involuntary contact and collisions between cars are prohibited. In the event of contact or collision, a penalty will be awarded to both teams involved in the collision; regardless of who is responsible, the organisers will consider a contributory fault and will stop both cars to serve penalties. In the case of collisions and consequent damage to the cars, the organisers will not be responsible for identifying who is responsible and any compensation will have to be agreed between the teams separately. The aim is to discourage dangerous behaviour and manoeuvres on the track. The staff reserves the right to exclude the team in case of serious voluntary collisions, repeated voluntary collisions during the competition, dangerous driving.

In the event of detection of drivers or passengers in cars that have not been duly registered, the organisation reserves the right to eliminate the team from the event in progress.

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